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North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

North Fond du Lac is a village in with a population 5,014 (2010 census). Despite the name, North Fond du Lac is actually located northwest of Fond du Lac, as Lake Winnebago is directly north of Fond du Lac.

The village of North Fond du Lac is a family-friendly community with great schools, a number of churches, parks, a veterans memorial, and outdoor swimming options. 

Something you might not know...each year, North Fond du Lac hosts North Fondy Fest the 3rd weekend in June. This annual event is free and is aimed at celebrating the pride within the community. Guests enjoy food, bands and activities. 

More stuff of interest...North Fond du Lac is the birthplace of two notable men: Albert J. Pullen, Wisconsin State Senator, and Jason Witczak, American football player.


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