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Adjunct - Economic and Workforce Development Computer Instructor

Moraine Park Technical College

Posted 1496 days ago -
Type: Part-Time Adjunct
Reference ID: 1041



MPTC is looking for qualified candidates with work related backgrounds in variety a of computer software products, including Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint, Quick Books, Adobe, and Crystal Reports. Instructor may be teaching at one of three on-campus locations or at various business locations within the Moraine Park District. A flexible schedule is required to meet client needs with day, evening and possible weekend courses. Training experience in a business and industry environment is desirable.


1. Teach computer based courses to business & industry clients. 2. Collaborate with department staff in designing and delivering customized instruction to our business and industry clients. 3.Understand and analyze the training needs of business and industry clients. 4.Assist in making District business and industry aware of the services offered by Moraine Park Technical College in the areas of customized training and technical assistance. 5.Work collaboratively with faculty and staff to support the primary learning system and to foster a learner-centered environment and stellar service to our business customers. 5.Maintain accurate and timely reports and records. 6.Design, develop or modify performance-based curriculum.


1.Associate Degree in a related field.

2. A minimum of two (2) years (4,000 hours) of appropriate occupational experience, including a minimum of one (1) year (2,000 hours) of occupational experience within the past five (5) years in a job related to the program(s) being taught. In lieu of one (1) year (2,000 hours) of appropriate occupational experience within the past five (5) years, two (2) years of post-secondary teaching experience in the appropriate occupational field within the past five (5) years may be considered. (Two (2) years of post-secondary teaching experience means eight (8) semesters of part-time teaching or four (4) semesters of full-time teaching at an accredited institution.)

3.Must be motivated and have a strong interest in contributing to the success of the student and the College.4.Strong human relations and effective verbal and written communications skills are required.5.Must possess excellent classroom delivery skills, which engage the student and encourage success.

*Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview for the position.