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Senior Principal Engineer - Sanitary Design

Grande Cheese

Location Fond du Lac
Posted 48 days ago -
Type: Full-time Permanent
Reference ID: 9df3876d-760c-4e14-aae4-f72e26f24453


 Overall Scope

  • Possesses highly advanced knowledge and specialized understanding of professional engineering concepts, principles, practices and procedures. Recognized as an expert within the organization and within the field.
  • Independently performs a variety of unique and highly complex engineering projects/initiatives that impact the business on a large scale.
  • Operates under little supervision and receives guidance only in the most complex situations.
  • Contributes thought leadership and innovation that influences change and advancement of the industry.
  • Provides expertise in conceptual design and construction implementation of highly complex systems.
  • Anticipates challenges and recommends improvements and solutions for complex problems that have a broad impact on the business.
  • Makes critical contributions to managing and solving highly complex and/or large technical challenges using broad perspectives to identify solutions.
  • Contributes to development of functional strategy and important organizational decisions.
  • Provides management and leadership for the continuous improvement and optimization of the manufacturing processes and innovative design concepts to provide best value for the investment.
  • Provides consultation and advises on best practices for plant design, process equipment, tools, techniques, and regulations/codes.
  • Designs, develops and implements new products, processes, test methods, and equipment.
  • Provides technical expertise on components, methods, systems and equipment.
  • Leads engineering studies for process improvements and validations.
  • Develops physical and functional test requirements to ensure specifications and regulations are met.
  • Leads and directs cross-functional teams and serves as a resource for best practices.

Project Management

  • Responsible for project leadership and direction of implementation of capital and other engineering related improvements involving the following major areas: cheese and whey processing, buildings/facilities, specifications, utilities, equipment, electrical, automation and controls, contract administration, start-up, and commissioning. 
  • Define scope and overall management of complex projects including: determining project objectives, timelines, budgets, resources, tasks, and supervising progress to ensure objectives are being met.
  • Responsible for identification, specification, requisitioning, and coordination with procurement for the purchase and delivery of project components and equipment necessary for implementation of projects.
  • Examine, review, and approve documents such as purchase orders, blueprint designs, change orders, and specifications to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  • Direct the work and activities of suppliers, contractors, consultants, and designers as required.
  • Prepare capital requests and justifications for improvement projects.

Technical Duties

  • Manage and direct sanitation related projects, such as CIP systems, central sanitizing systems, and facility sanitation related equipment/systems to ensure conformance to established company and industry standards.
  • Work closely with the Technology team, responsible to define, update and administer engineering sanitary design and sanitation standards and manage a design review process for projects.
  • Provide training and leadership to the engineering team members in the area of sanitary design and sanitation engineering. Responsible to drive sanitary design by utilizing engineering principals in the review of equipment/system designs. 
  • Utilize all opportunities to arrive at the best solutions for balancing sanitary design with other constraints.
  • Review vendor supplied drawings of new equipment designs and provide innovative solutions to improve the sanitary design.
  • Work with cross functional teams to review existing installations to find opportunities for continuous improvement in the areas of sanitary design, sanitation and CIP.
  • Responsible to ensure all new equipment and system installations are compliant with WDA, USDA, IMS and Grande requirements.
  • Be the sanitary design expert within Grande and for projects that require support in sanitary design, sanitation systems and CIP systems.
  • Direct equipment audits/evaluations of vendor supplied equipment using a systematic approach that can be documented and archived for future use.
  • Support food safety audits when sanitary design engineering expertise is required.
  • Ensure Associate understanding on how to properly clean and sanitize equipment.
  • Collaborate with executives and managers to develop and implement strategic policies and programs which ensure the protection and building of the Grande trademark and ensures continuation of the enterprise.
  • Develop and implement standards to minimize variation in sanitation systems and protocols between production facilities with the vision that every CIP system and all sanitation equipment, regardless of location, could be interchangeable. 

Additional Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and local codes.
  • Provide liaison on project, facilities and equipment with regulatory agencies.
  • Participate in professional organizations to maintain current knowledge of technical innovations.