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Packaging Associate II D/S - 2nd Shift (2:30 PM - 1 AM)

Grande Cheese

Location Fond du Lac
Posted 411 days ago -
Type: Full-Time Permanent
Reference ID: cb8c0394-de17-4ed0-9eb5-baa5ecf04bf7


1st Major Area of Responsibility – Packaging & Inspection (Key Duties)

* Under minimal supervision of the Team Manager and/or Team Leaders, cross-trained to operate all packaging equipment machines and related computer systems. Accountable to ensure finished products meet Grande quality and safety standards.

* Work is more varied and involves multiple product lines working simultaneously. Responsible for understanding and correctly executing all processes pertaining to the diversity of products.

* Complete required paperwork, logs, and computer systems for inventory accuracy. Possess expert knowledge of system and data requirements. * Ensure continuous flow of product and monitor for proper positioning, spacing, sealing, and correct codes/labels. Independently make decisions to correct and prevent issues as needed in a timely manner.

* Perform visual inspection for any defects and rework or discard defective products based on procedures.

* Setup, calibrate, make adjustments, troubleshoot and perform maintenance to the packaging equipment.

* Operate, inspect and maintain forklifts.

* May at time require lifting of approximately 100 pounds.

2nd Major Area of Responsibility– Sanitation (Key Duties)

* Maintain a clean working area by performing general sanitation of all packaging equipment to keep the work area pathogen free.

3rd Major Area of Responsibility – Regulatory Compliance (Key Duties)

* Complete all required documentation, recordkeeping, and reporting as required by law and/or regulatory agencies, (i.e. DNR, DOL, EEOC, FDA, IMS, OSHA, SQF, USDA, WDA, etc.).

* Follow all SAFETY (food & workplace) policies and procedures.

4th Area of Responsibility – All other duties and responsibilities as requested or required (Key Duties)

* Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested or required.

* Follow all company policies and procedures.

* Follow government standards and regulations.

* Provide back-up relief as needed.