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Maintenance III - Team 4

Grande Cheese

Location Brownsville
Posted 173 days ago -
Type: Full-Time Permanent
Reference ID: 78cd9d74-c671-4ce1-ac90-210122a4f527


Grande Cheese Company is a family owned enterprise built on a tradition, quality and outstanding performance. We are dedicated to our cultural pride, professional excellence and to the dignity and respect of our Associates.

1. Support Total Process Reliability (TPR) through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) & General Maintenance

  • Work as a team with the other Maintenance Associates and Team Managers and assist in all functions of the maintenance area as needed.
  • Serve as a resource for complex technical questions and provide guidance, training and mentorship to less experienced Maintenance Associates.
  • Perform general sanitation of the maintenance department by organizing supplies, tools, etc. and keeping area neat, clean and safe.
  • Lay out, assemble, install, dismantle, maintain and repair intake and processing equipment, distribution, supporting equipment, and all other processing equipment to update or replace existing equipment, update technology, prepare for repair or replacement, PM’s, and to keep it running efficiently.
  • Record daily time on equipment, parts dispensed, and work orders to determine replacement parts and estimated costs of repairs using the maintenance software.
  • Execute and evaluate current job plans and provide feedback to maintenance manager or supervisor.
  • Field scope and develop future job plans.
  • Operate special maintenance equipment like welders, grinder, jigs, etc.
  • Read and understand electrical and mechanical prints and /or flowcharts to verify correct set up and usage.
  • Request all replacement parts and /or equipment needed to keep production running efficiently.
  • Install and repair electrical apparatus such as transformers, wires, etc. to set up or repair equipment.
  • Install and repair pipe systems, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment to keep facility and equipment running efficiently and safely.
  • Build, fabricate and weld special mechanical parts and devices to keep equipment running properly and efficiently.
  • Perform maintenance and tests on utility equipment and update required logs.
  • Perform PSM daily rounds (if applicable, based on facility).
  • Confer and work with outside vendors for facility and/or equipment repair.
  • Program AC drives, chart recorders, pressure sensors, and flow meters for control of motor at specific rates.
  • Calibrate pressure and temperature sensors and related equipment to keep accurate readings.
  • Serve as backup and/or provide assistance for wastewater treatment responsibilities as needed.

2. Preventative Maintenance

  • Repair and maintain physical structure to keep facility and area looking neat and clean.
  • Write and monitor guide on equipment using Microsoft programs such as SOPs, PM schedule, and training procedures to keep equipment running properly and efficiently.
  • Clean and lubricate shafts, bearing, gears, and other parts to extend life of equipment.

3.Trouble Shooting, Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement

  • Troubleshoot intake, processing equipment, distribution equipment, supporting equipment, and all other processing equipment to reduce defects and keep equipment running efficiently.
  • Analyze source(s) of problems to determine root cause of problem and diagnose repeat breakdowns or malfunctions.
  • Confer with plant and quality management, and Associates to help diagnose problems with production and/or quality.
  • Troubleshoot PLC programs and hardware to keep equipment running efficiently.
  • Assist and coordinate special projects to reduce costs, ensure safety, and enhance quality.
  • Responsible for requesting items necessary for implementation of assigned projects.
  • Monitor all areas of operations and make suggestions to reduce costs.

4. All other duties and responsibilities as requested or required

  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested or required.
  • Understand and follow procedures for DNR/WDA/USDA/FDA/IMS/OSHA.