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Engineering Mgr I - A&C

Grande Cheese

Location Fond du Lac
Posted 430 days ago -
Type: Full-time Permanent
Reference ID: 87369f94-91fc-4a7a-b418-dc14246ed0c0


 Talent Management

  • Advocates for effective execution of the performance management process by collaborating with direct report/s to set clear objectives, goals and expectations.  
  • Conducts regular coaching and constructive feedback discussions to review performance and goal progress, assist with challenges, and identify strengths and development areas, all to support Associate professional and career development, while increasing engagement and motivation.
  • Supports workforce planning and talent acquisition strategies by effectively staffing and hiring diverse talent for the organization. 
  • Addresses Associate relations and performance issues in a timely manner and/or makes appropriate decisions relative to performance challenges. 

Overall Scope

  • Possesses advanced knowledge and specialized understanding of professional engineering concepts, principles, practices and procedures.
  • Recognized mentor and technically credible role model and expert within the organization.
  • Accountable for the performance and results of the assigned engineering staff with focus in the areas of process design, equipment specification, plant layout, project management, capital project management, development and implementation of best manufacturing practices, and continuous equipment/plant/product improvement.
  • Provides process and equipment design specification to new product development stage gate system and new technology department.
  • Provide supervision and guidance to facilitate learning, mentoring, enhance skills & knowledge, and improve performance.
  • Exhibit leadership and set the example to drive high standards of performance, quality, and safety.
  • Oversee engineering activities and work with others to identify, recommend and implement cost-effective solutions or alternative processes that improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Coordinate engineers in the research, design, and development of complex apparatus, components, equipment, and machinery.
  • Supervise projects, resources, and engineering efforts to coordinate projects from initial design through production. Facilitate communication to establish positive morale and engagement.
  • Solicit feedback and recommendations related to procedures, performance, quality, safety, cost savings initiatives, and other functional information.
  • Assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas such as communication, involvement, recognition, commitment, willingness to learn, skill level, etc. in order to coach, develop, and motivate Associates overall performance.
  • Develop appropriate action plans and objectives to challenge team members to improve and develop their skills and technical abilities.
  • Accountable for the culture of the area and showing support for the culture in all activities.
  • Provide expertise in conceptual design and construction implementation of highly complex systems.
  • Make critical contributions to managing and solving highly complex and/or large technical challenges using broad perspectives to identify solutions.
  • Provide management and leadership for the continuous improvement and optimization of the manufacturing processes and innovative design concepts to provide best value for the investment.
  • Provide consultation and advise on best practices for plant design, process equipment, tools, techniques, and regulations/codes.
  • Adapt departmental plans and priorities to address resource and operational challenges.
  • Direct activities to ensure compliance with federal, state and local codes.
  • Ensure safety of all equipment, facilities, processes and activities. 

Project Management

  • Responsible for project management, leadership and direction of implementation of capital and other engineering related improvements involving the following major areas: cheese and whey processing, buildings/facilities, specifications, utilities, equipment, electrical, automation and controls, contract administration, start-up, and commissioning. 
  • Participate in all aspects of planning and development of projects from concept to completion, including: determining project objectives, design standards, specifications, criteria, timelines, budgets, resources, tasks, and supervising progress to ensure objectives are being met.
  • Assign and prioritize engineering projects, tracking progress towards completion by following timelines to attain maximum effectiveness of engineering efforts.
  • Work with engineers and project managers to assure work meets business needs, applicable codes and standards of quality.
  • Prepare capital requests and justifications for improvement projects.
  • Review and approve documents such as purchase orders, blueprint designs, change orders, and specifications to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  • Ensure accuracy in design and cross functional collaboration to deliver accurate scope, schedule and cost.
  • Manage coordination with procurement for the purchase and delivery of project components and equipment necessary for implementation of projects.
  • Direct the work and activities of suppliers, contractors, consultants, and designers.

Technical Duties

  • Oversees control and automation standards for the enterprise.
  • Oversee and participate in the development, implementation and management of the Integrated Manufacturing Platform for TMP.
  • Manage the research, development, design, and testing of electrical components, equipment, facilities and systems; including power distribution, PLC control systems, and instrumentation, applying principles and techniques of electrical engineering.
  • Direct operation, maintenance and repair of equipment and systems utilizing computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform engineering tasks. 
  • Determine feasibility of designing equipment or modifying existing equipment considering costs, time limitations, company planning, and other technical and economic factors.
  • Compile and analyze operational, test, and research data to help establish performance standards for newly designed or modified equipment.
  • Identify the expected life expectancy of control systems and address obsolescence through the capital planning process. 
  • Lead in the documentation of the Engineering software licensing throughout all facilities.
  • Lead in the documentation of the tracking of facility IP Address records.  
  • Lead in the design, development and testing of cutting edge technologies while maintaining the reliability and maintainability of facilities.  
  • Develop relationships with other disciplines where lines of responsibility are not clear. (IT & Engineering)

Additional Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and local codes.
  • Provide liaison on project, facilities and equipment with regulatory agencies.
  • Participate in professional organizations to maintain current knowledge of technical innovations..