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Join the Fond du Lac Human Resources Association

Membership is open to any individual who spends a substantial portion of his or her time serving in a Human Resources type role or in its various phases and whose employer is a member in good standing of Envision Greater Fond du Lac.

Membership Applications are reviewed by the Human Resources Association Board of Directors. You will be notified by a board member with a decision on your membership.

Membership may be terminated for good cause by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Membership shall be terminated for delinquency of annual dues.

Annual Membership Fees (Membership runs from January through December)

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In consideration of my membership, I grant the Fond du Lac Area Human Resources Association the right to record my image, voice, or likeness by any medium at Association events, conferences, or programs. I also grant the Association the right to edit these recordings and to incorporate them into media for the purpose of publicity, advertising, or promotion of the Association. I understand and agree that I will not receive any compensation for the Association’s use of its rights granted in this paragraph and that the Association will be the sole owner of all rights to any recordings made hereunder.