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Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day helps students begin to understand the concepts behind starting and running a business. After being guided through 14 curriculum lessons developed by Google, students are ready to launch their Lemonade stand business. Everything from financing, and booth construction to marketing, recipe development to what happens to the proceeds are up to the student.

Calling all Lemonade Day parents! We are excited to encourage you to take advantage of our free, virtual Lemonade Day world called Lemonopolis while at home with the kids. This is a fantastic way to keep children learning the important lessons that the Lemonade Day program teaches such as goal setting, counting back change, saving money and more. This fun virtual world is great practice for the Lemonade Day lessons.  Register for Lemonopolis today! 

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For Fond du Lac Area Lemonade Day information, visit: www.lemonadeday.org/fond-du-lac-area

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