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Full Time Benefits For Part Time Employees

Seven million Americans are currently working part time, according to a recent article published in CNNMoney (November 20, 2014, by Patrick Gillespie). It is estimated that at least half of those working part time would like to secure full-time positions, bringing the important benefits that come with it.

The workforce landscape is rapidly changing as employers are evaluating their specific benefits packages with many that are trimming or eliminating health benefits for part-time employees. These decisions are being made for those working fewer than 30 hours per week as employers are working to manage healthcare costs and Affordable Care Act requirements.

The good news is that there are still employers that continue to offer benefits to part-time employees or may even consider expanding coverage to part-time employees for the first time.  According to the Daily Free Press (November 21, 2014), Boston University will be extending benefits to part-time employees for the first time. “Workers who work 50 to 75 percent of a full-time schedule can now enroll in health and dental programs.” This provides employees some peace of mind that they can receive care when most needed.

While we recognize that working part time may be a choice for some, for others, it is what they need to do to support themselves and their families.  Employees working with companies that offer benefits for both part- and full-time positions find an easier transition as they change work hours. 

Results from the 2014 UBA National Health Plan Survey of more than 16,000 health plans found that full-time eligibility requirements vary based on number of employees, industry and location.

Employers with 500 or more employees are four times as likely to offer benefits to those working 20 hours or more than employers with fewer than 24 employees.
Industry leaders that are offering benefits to part-time employees include educational services, followed by information, and healthcare and social assistance.  These discussions will continue to blossom among the nation's business and service industry as companies work to remain profitable while providing their employees with a workplace that is desirable and productive. They will be challenged to come up with new and innovative ways to recruit new employees, as well as retain existing employees that would be difficult and costly to replace.

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