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Businesses | 10 ways to create a strong work environment for Gen-Y

10 ways to create a strong work environment for Gen-Y

1. Flexible work hours does not = laziness.
When Gen-Y employees say they want flexibility in their work schedule, it does not mean that they are lazy or want to get away with doing less. Collectively set goals and deadlines and let them decide where and when to work. Long hours in the office does not = productivity. As long as the work is getting done on time and to standards, the time and place is less important. 

2. Meaningful work.
Gen-Yers want to do work that matters. Pull out your rainy day/back burner projects and give them ownership to complete them. Fresh ideas and enthusiasm to succeed will have those projects done in no time!

3. Gen-Y employees want regular, informal feedback, not an annual, formal review.
Take them to lunch or break for a mid-morning coffee to learn about what they've been working on and provide feedback.  They want to know areas where they can improve, but they want that feedback in the moment. 

4. Provide technology that works for them.
They will be more efficient if given the devices that they are most comfortable with. The PC or laptop that satisfies the 50 year old may not be what the 27 year old needs to successfully do his/her job. It's worth the investment.

5. Giving back is important...it's not all about me.
Gen-Y wants to be involved in the community; offer opportunities for them to volunteer with non-profits, get involved in organizations/networks in areas that interest them.

6. Gen-Y = Gen-Why?
They have a lot of questions...put people in front of them that have the answers. Assign them a mentor (not likely to be their direct supervisor).

7. Creative workspaces.
If possible, create an open-concept environment where offices and cubicles don't exist. Gen-Y likes to brainstorm ideas and collaborate with those around them without walls blocking them. They grew up surrounded by distractions; they thrive in that type of environment!

8. Got fun?
Put them in charge of organizing department/company events such as holiday potluck, frisbee golf after work, summer softball team. Having fun with those they work with is important to them; let them create the fun!

9. Family matters.
Gen-Y places high importance on involving their parents in life decisions including employment offers, benefit options, etc. They want their parents to be proud of them and support the career they have chosen. Consider having a family day where they can bring their parents for a tour of the facility, meet their boss and co-workers. It's also a great way to showcase your company to the public. 

10. Ask and you shall receive.
Gen-Y employees have great ideas and they want their voices to be heard. Even if it's their first job out of college, and they have little to no "real-world" experience, they want to collaborate with the team; learn from others and teach others. Listen to them...they want a seat at the 


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