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Fond du Lac Works is the portal for connecting businesses with great candidates and best practices. Not only are we hoping to help the right people find you, we are dedicated to providing services and support that will enlighten these individuals on the benefits of living and working in Fond du Lac.

Explore the robust offerings below and throughout this site - you will see we are committed to our business community and to strengthening Fond du Lac's workforce.

Business Best Practices

Tuition Assistance Programs

Many employers understand the need to help their employees achieve their personal career goals with many employees desiring an Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's degree. Here are a few tips to help you design tuition assistance program.


Offering employees alternative workplace arrangements can prove to be beneficial in the working world for both the employer and employee. Read more about the many factors to take into consideration when making the decision to offer this option.

Paid Time Off Programs

Surveys show that PTO programs are growing in popularity with employers as they can significantly reduce unscheduled absences. PTO programs also empower employees to make their own decisions regarding the amount of vacation and personal time spent away from work.

Full Time Benefits For Part Time Employees

Despite the rapidly changing workforce landscape and increasing healthcare costs, there are still employers that continue to offer benefits to part-time employees or may even consider expanding coverage to part-time employees...

10 ways to create a strong work environment for Gen-Y

Gen-Ys have proved to be a challenging group to both retain and recruit. Check out these tips for ideas on how to create a great work environment that is appealing to this group!

Unique Approaches to Empower Employees to Achieve Financial Wellness

The average Millennial will start their career with $33,000 in student loan debt - more than triple the amount of graduates in 1990. As companies, we feel forced to offer large salaries up front in order to get good people in our doors.  But the...

5 Recruiting Solutions in the War for Talent

Talk to any executive level professional or Human Resources professional and they will tell you the number one challenge in their organization is finding the talent they need to achieve their objectives.  In the war for talent, talent has won.  So...