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New Intern at the Association of Commerce

Hello! My name is Jennifer Rivera and I have been recently hired as a Youth Apprentice at the Fond du Lac Association of Commerce which has been one of the most interesting experiences ever! Some might wonder what the Youth Apprenticeship is all about. Much went into play to be able get this once in a lifetime experience, and it all began with my high school classes. From the moment I took my first business class my freshmen year of high school I knew a career in marketing was for me. I enjoyed the whole concept of it and how business in general had a huge influence on our daily lives.

Before my going into high school I did not truly know what I was going to do after high school. You grow up and continuously get asked what you have planned for when high school is over. Although you see it as many MANY more years to come!  It was a very scary thought that many of us have gotten or even still have but at the end it all works out if you have the right attitude.

Finding My Career Path

Throughout my years in high school I continued to take classes in business and marketing because of how much I enjoyed it my first year.  As the end of my junior year came, I had already taken all marketing classes available for me therefore I remembered back to my sophomore year where we got introduced the opportunity to do the Youth Apprenticeship Program for our Junior and Senior year. I quickly began to think this could be something that could open many doors for me in the future. Therefore I received more information about the program and later found out that the Fond du Lac Association of Commerce was in search for their first Youth Apprenticeship student. My marketing teacher was first to influence me to apply because of what a great opportunity it could be for me. Although I knew it would be a big responsibility I applied. I always had an inner ambition to do well in school and to get an internship in a career I was beginning to enjoy.

I remember back to my freshmen year where I had set goals for myself in the future after knowing what career path I wanted to take. One of my goals being able to get a shot at doing something I enjoyed that revolved around Marketing. Boy was I lucky to hear I was even having the chance to get an early start on it! I always hoped I would get an internship in college but it never crossed my mind I would get the opportunity in high school.

Internship in Marketing

I quickly applied and was told to call to set up a time to do an interview. I did as I was told and was offered the job a week after. I was so excited to find out I had finally earn this amazing opportunity to have an internship in marketing and especially one at the Association of Commerce!

As an intern here I was able to help start on a new project that Fond du Lac Works was beginning to launch. This project was giving me the opportunity to tour the many wonderful businesses that we have in our own backyard, the Fond du Lac Area. Not only was I able to tour them but I was also having the opportunity to talk to the CEO’s of each company. This truly was a GREAT opportunity! I continue to look back to a couple years ago where I had no idea on what was to come after high school. Although just simply taking one class with the best attitude has lead me to meet amazing people that help make this community as well as learn more and more of the place I call home!

  • Youth Apprentice at FDL Association of Commerce

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