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About Us

The greater Fond du Lac area is a hotbed of opportunity.

To position the greater Fond du Lac area for continued success and growth in the future, Fond du Lac Works was developed by community stakeholders, visionaries and creative thinkers as a means of addressing current and future workforce needs. Fond du Lac Works has identified three core areas of strategic focus:


GOAL: To promote the greater Fond du Lac area as a great place to live and work for recent college graduates, young professionals and the skilled workforce by highlighting the community assets and attractive work life balance.

Goal: To keep the individuals living and working in Fond du Lac employed, engaged and  passionate about the opportunities available is very important. Focusing on the requirements and needs of new college graduates, young and seasoned professionals, and our soon-to-be retiring workforce is of critical importance. 

Goal: To increase awareness among students, parents and educators at all divisional age levels of the opportunities available in the Fond du Lac area. Collaborating with K-12 institutions to enhance curriculum which  better prepares and guides youth into career pathways that fit the needs of our future business community is a clear focus. 


For more information on supporting the Fond du Lac Works initiative, please contact us directly. Fond du Lac Works is a division of Envision Greater Fond du Lac. Our staff is here to answer questions you may have at any time.

Melissa Worthington  |  Vice President  | mworthington@envisiongreaterfdl.com
Lisa McArthur  |  Director of Educational Partnerships  | lmcarthur@envisiongreaterfdl.com
Bernadette Seefeld  |  Director of Educational Programs  | bseefeld@envisiongreaterfdl.com

The following businesses/organizations have already pledged their support to this initiative. ---

Our Mission: 
Bolster the Fond du Lac community through recruitment, retention and development of a quality workforce.

Our Vision: 
Creating big opportunities and a great quality of life.

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